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Co-occurring harmonious and obsessive passion

My article about co-occurring harmonious and obsessive passion has been cited in the journal "Psychologie Heute" (German version of Psychology Today). My paper can be downloaded here.


New publication: Passion for Activities: Co-occurring Pain and Joy

After receiving a grant within the postdoc program "Pathways to Adulthood", I have been asked to┬ásummarize┬ámy research for the newsletter of the program. In my summary, I wrote about my research on intra-individual co-occurrences of positive and negative emotions and... Continue Reading →

Recent findings and innovations in the research on passion: Symposium in Chicago, May 16

Researching passion has a century-long tradition in Psychology, which has recently seen a revival (Vallerand et al., 2003; Moeller & Grassinger, 2014; Cardon et al., 2008). Passion is a multifacetted form of motivation that explains why individuals engage and persist... Continue Reading →

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