On two occasions in 2017 I will present my research on mixed emotions in conferences.

For example, I will present my network analyses on intra-individual co-occurrences between positive and negative emotions of high school students at the Earli Conference (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, August 29th  – September 2nd 2017, Tampere, Finland). The conference abstract can be found here, and a pre-print of the paper here.

At the same conference, I am going to present findings about the dark side of flow experiences, which are usually described as moments of “optimal motivation” but are often accompanied by relatively high feelings of stress and anxiety (see here the abstract). The talk will address why z-standardization of repeated measures within individuals may obfuscate this co-occurrence of flow with negative emotions (see also Moeller, 2015).

Finally, my colleague Zorana Ivcevic will present our joint paper about mixed emotions of people in workplaces, and the relation of such mixed emotions to creativity. These findings will be presented at the 6th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence (ICEI), 9-22 of July 2017, in Porto, Portugal.

Exact times of the presentations will be announced soon. I hope to see you there!