Researching passion has a century-long tradition in Psychology, which has recently seen a revival (Vallerand et al., 2003; Moeller & Grassinger, 2014; Cardon et al., 2008).

Passion is a multifacetted form of motivation that explains why individuals engage and persist in effortful activities, defy obstacles and setbacks, invest and suffer a lot and still claim that this activity is what makes their lives worth living.

The research on passion is currently blooming, and many different theories, definitions, measures, and findings have been developed. This international symposium brings together distinct separate lines of research that examine passionate motivation, to integrate them in a common framework.

The first presentation (Moeller et al.) reviews diverse concepts of passion, explains what they have in common, and describes a scale for assessing facets of passion. The second paper (Chen et al.) presents recent findings about the development of passion for work. The third and fourth presentations (Cardon; Huyghe et al.) address innovations in the research on entrepreneurial passion. The fifth presentation (Hietajärvi et al.) examines intra-individual profiles of adolescents’ passion for digital technology activities.

Visit our symposium at the Conference of the Society for the Study on Motivation, on May 26, 2016 in the Sheraton Hotel Chicago, 11:00 – 12:15 PM in Ballroom I.

Please find the abstracts for the five presentations on passion here.