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Recent blog posts on mixed feelings of students

Positive and negative feelings about school are often experienced together by students. That implies, among other things, that highly engaged students may be at risk to experience high stress and exhaustion. These research findings were recently discussed in my two... Continue Reading →


Upcoming conference presentations 2017: Mixed emotions at school and work, and the dark side of flow experiences

On two occasions in 2017 I will present my research on mixed emotions in conferences. For example, I will present my network analyses on intra-individual co-occurrences between positive and negative emotions of high school students at the Earli Conference (European... Continue Reading →

New paper published: Passionate Experiences in Adolescence: Situational Variability and Long-Term Stability

My new paper about situational measures of passion and the long-term stability of passionate experiences in adolescence has just been published! This study investigates adolescents' situational passionate experiences, defined as states of strong commitment and intense affect. We examine the... Continue Reading →

Mixed feelings about school: Examining jointly experienced positive and negative emotions with co-occurrence network analysis

A lot of research on positive youth development emphasizes the beneficial role of positive emotions (e.g., Reschly et al., 2008). Positive emotions are linkes to student motivation, well-being, and achievement. These desirable feelings contrast with the mostly negative emotions students... Continue Reading →

Co-occurring harmonious and obsessive passion

My article about co-occurring harmonious and obsessive passion has been cited in the journal "Psychologie Heute" (German version of Psychology Today). My paper can be downloaded here.

New publication: Passion for Activities: Co-occurring Pain and Joy

After receiving a grant within the postdoc program "Pathways to Adulthood", I have been asked to summarize my research for the newsletter of the program. In my summary, I wrote about my research on intra-individual co-occurrences of positive and negative emotions and... Continue Reading →

Recent findings and innovations in the research on passion: Symposium in Chicago, May 16

Researching passion has a century-long tradition in Psychology, which has recently seen a revival (Vallerand et al., 2003; Moeller & Grassinger, 2014; Cardon et al., 2008). Passion is a multifacetted form of motivation that explains why individuals engage and persist... Continue Reading →

Integrating the light and dark sides of student engagement with person-oriented and situation-specific approaches

Is high student engagement always desirable? Did you ever feel so committed and motivated to a task that you engaged in it to the point of becoming exhausted? Are student engagement and burnout at school mutually exclusive experiences, or can... Continue Reading →

Just printed: The newest issue of the open-access Journal for Person-Oriented Research

The newest issue of the open access Journal for Person-Oriented Research just got published. It includes my newest article about profiles of harmonious and obsessive passion. In this paper I describe why we probably don't have to worry too much about... Continue Reading →

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